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Increase Resident Engagement and Retention Through Interactive Gaming Tournaments and Amenities.

Multifamily residents of all ages and demographics play video games.

What We Are About

No Additional Work for Onsite Team

As a tournament organizer, Resident Esports will manage and create ongoing esports tournaments for your multifamily community. We offer a variety of games across different platforms, including PC, Xbox, and Playstation systems. Our team will also manage prize distribution and ensure that the tournament runs smoothly from start to finish.

We understand that on-site staff has a lot on their plate, which is why we provide custom reports and take care of all the tournament logistics so that your staff doesn't have to do any additional work.

Affordable + Flexible Pricing

Since most residents already have gaming systems in their units, our esports tournaments can be run at an affordable cost. We base our pricing on the number of units in your property, ensuring that you receive a fair and competitive rate. This means that you can offer engaging esports tournaments to your residents without breaking the bank. Plus, by organizing the tournaments remotely, we eliminate the need for expensive equipment or additional staff, making our services even more cost-effective.


Improve your community experience and retain more residents in multifamily by engaging them through esports tournaments. We'll manage and organize these tournaments either remotely, where residents can participate from their units, or by working with you to create an esports arena on-site. This way, you can lower turnover costs and keep your residents entertained and engaged.

Meet the Team

Our Offices

Live from Las Vegas

Resident Esports: Proudly Headquartered in Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World. Our location in this vibrant city allows us to stay at the forefront of the gaming industry, providing the most innovative and engaging esports tournaments for the multifamily industry.

Esports Property Cat

Interested in engaging your residents through esports ?

Let's connect! Our team at Resident Esports would love to work with you to create a custom esports plan, share a demo of our services, and present an ROI calculator. Contact us today to get started

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