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Esports tournament bracket for an apartment

Esports Tournaments

We Create and Manage Ongoing Esports Tournaments Across Your Properties

  • Customized esports tournament planning

  • Management of ongoing esports tournaments

  • Variety of games available across multiple platforms (PC, Xbox, PlayStation)

  • Prize distribution and management

  • In-game customer service and resident onboarding

  • Custom reporting and analytics

  • Remote tournament organization to reduce equipment and staffing costs

  • Option to open tournaments to the public for extended marketing reach, or keep them closed for resident-only participation.


5.0 Rating


"The esports tournaments at my property were a major factor in my decision to live there. They were well-organized and a great way to meet neighbors and win prizes. I was suprised by the excellent support.  I've formed new friendships because of these events and can't imaging leaving my apartment. 

Alex Wai

"Participating in my community esports event was an incredible experience! Not only did I get to compete against skilled players, but I also had the chance to connect with other gamers in my apartment or property. The event was well-organized and created a strong sense of community. I've formed new friendships that will last a long time. I highly recommend participating in future events!"

Edgar Pablo

"My kids and I had a blast playing in organized tournaments at our apartment. The events were well-organized and provided a fun atmosphere for players of all ages. We loved bonding over gaming and creating memories together as a family. Thanks to our apartment for organizing such a great experience!"

Priya Gunta

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