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Image by Alex Haney

On-Property Gaming Center Buildout

Creating an Esports Lounge from Scratch

At resident esports, we can help design and implement an esports lounge in your community. Our team has the knowledge and experience to create a welcoming and safe space that fosters social connections and friendly competition.

  • Design and layout of the esports lounge, including furniture, lighting, and equipment placement

  • Consultation on the types of gaming equipment and technology needed for the lounge

  • Coordination with contractors and vendors for installation and setup of gaming equipment

  • Assistance with organizing gaming tournaments and events for the community

  • Creation and management of a social media presence for the esports lounge

  • Training and support for staff responsible for managing the esports lounge

  • Ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the gaming equipment and facilities

  • Collaborative development of rules and guidelines for using the esports lounge in a safe and respectful manner.


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